Medicina Sportiva, Romanian Sports Medicine Journal, is a peer reviewed journal dedicated to publication of editorials, guides articles, originals papers, case report and news in sports medicine, exercise physiology, biochemistry, biomechanics, sport nutrition, rehabilitation and exercise sciences. The journal is a scientific publication, edited under the patronage of Romanian Sports Medicine Society and published four times per year in English  language. For other information about publishing, see Guide for authors.


Alavuddin Kurbonboyev, Beliz B Kaygisiz

Collin J. Bubke, Andrew Shim, TARA Ruppert,
Michael Waller

Montesano Pietro

Özgür Korkmaz, Serkan Sürücü, Melih Malkoç, Mahir Mahiroğulları

Serghei Cebanu, Gheorghe Ștefaneț

Mehda P, Zutshi K, Juneja H, Zafar R

Montesano Pietro

Nuray Elibol, Uğur Cavlak

ISSN 1841-0162



Prof. Mirela Vasilescu - Editor-in-Chief
Prof. Anca Ionescu - Scientific Editor

Medicina Sportiva - Journal of Romanian Sports Medicine Society

Romanian Sport Medicine Journal is indexed by:
QT 261-Sports Medicine Bookmarks
CNCSIS, Romania
EBSCO SPORT Discuss with Full Text
Open Academic Journals Index (OAJI)

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