History of Romanian Sports Medicine - Romanian Society for Sports Medicine

In 1932, The Medical Society of Physical Education was founded in Cluj and Bucharest. The society's aim was to study the effort physiology; the medical assistance and physicals in sport and physical education, especially in sport competitions was later added.

In December 1949, according to a Government Decision, the national medical network of physical education medicine was born and in 1985 it will change its name into ”Sports Medicine”.

In 1951, The Society of Physical Culture Medicine as part of USSM (The Societies Union of Medical Sciences), was affiliated to FIMS and in 1981 it changes its name into The Romanian Society of Sport Medicine, in agreement with the international name of this speciality.

In 1957 a health reform makes official the three-year specialist training in Sports Medicine (today is 4 years).

In December 1962 The Sports Medicine Centre was founded in Bucharest (actual The National Institute for Sports Medicine).

In 1967 at University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila”, Bucharest, was introduced the PhD in sports medicine.

In all these years, from the beginning till present, the romanian sports medicine had many important achievements, distinguished and awarded by national and international authorities, concerning the contribution of sports medicine to the exceptional results obtained at JO, World and European Championships, laborious researches well-known and world-wide appreciated.

This is only a short & early history, through which Romania is a promoter of Sports Medicine in the world.

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