Adaptations to balance training using the Shuttle TNT System in female NAIA athletes

Collin J. Bubke 1 , Andrew Shim 2 , TARA Ruppert 3 , Michael Waller 4
1 Department of Athletics, California State University, Bakersfield, CA. USA
2 Department of Kinesiology & Exercise Science, College of Saint Mary, Omaha, NE. USA
3 Department of Occupational Therapy, College of Saint Mary, Omaha, NE. USA
4 Department of Health and Physical Education, Arkansas Tech University, Russellville, AR. USA


Balance training has been demonstrated to produce positive adaptations to multiple populations, including the elderly and athletes. Despite the usage of the Shuttle TNT System in physical therapy settings, the literature on this particular equipment is scarce. The purpose of this study was to determine if training on the Shuttle TNT System is a viable method for improving balance scores in a female athletic population over a period of four weeks, three times per week for 30 minutes. Furthermore, the author investigated potential links between limit of stability forward, backward, left and right, and vertical jump performance. An ANOVA and a Pearson product moment correlation were used to analyze statistical change after the intervention. Limit of stability and vertical jump scores showed a statistically significant change (p≤.05), and correlations of .643 and .696 were found between limit of stability-left and limit of stability-forward when ran against vertical jump scores. The study concluded the Shuttle TNT System is a viable option to improve limit of stability scores in a female volleyball population. Further studies are necessary to analyze correlations between limit of stability scores and vertical jump performance in other sports.

Key words:

limit of stability, center of pressure, posturography, vertical jump, college women

Full article:

Adaptations to balance training using the Shuttle TNT System in female NAIA athletes


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