Unconventional training methods to prepare senior soccer players

Montesano Pietro
Department of Motor Sciences and Wellness, University of Naples “Parthenope”, Italy


The study aims to improve the percentage of benefits and was achieved in six months from January to June 2018 at senior soccer players by using unconventional methods.
Material and Method. Twenty soccer players, 25-35 years aged, were subject to a screening to verify their posture with the SIAS measurement, carried out with the subject supine, calculating the distance between the anterior superior iliac spine and tibial malleolus. Measurements showed also differences of few millimeters between the two lower limbs despite the natural compensatory mechanism of adaptation of the postural system has determined that the quadriceps muscle hypertrophy limb longer, because of the higher load, and the resulting hypotonia limb shorter. The staff chose to use the unconventional Pilates method to propose just one sample of 10 athletes because it can be practiced both outdoors and inside the gym. Research was conducted with an observational, detection with manual and computerized method with the speed test and diversified technical tests. The athletes were divided into two groups. The first group, Control Group (CG) and the second group, Research Group (RG) participated in all the training provided by the technical staff. Only the second group, consisting of 10 athletes, was given 18 additional sessions of Pilates workout that helped improve postural control, occurred with the speed test performed with and without the ball on a slalom course of 20 meters, and the strengthening muscle, occurred with the increase in the percentage of accuracy of shots on goal.
Results. The final results verified at the end vintage racing, have denoted a performance improvement with particular reference to the percentage of accuracy of shots on goal, estimated at about 2.5-3%. The study has demonstrated the effectiveness of using unconventional methods to improve sports performance.

Key words:

postural control, football, Pilates

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Unconventional training methods to prepare senior soccer players


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