Biomechanic parameters analysis of trunk in oina game

Cristian Vaduva 1 , Mihai Rusu 2 , Mihnea Marin 2 , Ligia Rusu 2
1 University Babeș-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca, Romania,
2 University of Craiova, Romania


The performance in oina game is in connection with the possibility to develop the optimal position of trunk, upper and lower limbs, much more focus on hip position. For throwing the success means to have a strong stabilisation of the trunk. The aim of this paper is to present the biomechanical analysis of paravertebral muscle during the kick ball movement.
Material and Method. The study has been made like a case report. The subject is a man age 43years old, weight 78kg, height 1,75m, body mass index (BMI) 25,46%, practiced oina from 20years. For visual capture we used VICON system. Muscle groups are from paravertebral muscle group. The movement analysis has been made during kick ball and has three important moments.
Results. Analysing the recorded results of the muscle forces developed by the 7 muscle groups studied whose major component is the erector spinae, we can state that there is an interesting disequilibrium right-left and also some major differences of the charge of these muscle groups depending on the function during the moment of movement.
Discussions. The analysis of the muscle behaviour at the level of the spine is in direct connection to the movements of the upper limb so that the success of the hit with the bat is influenced by the rotation movement of the spine. This result was obtained through measurements of the muscle values of the spine and they showed that that the spine has the tendency of stabilization through am isometric stretching contraction.
Conclusions. We have also noticed the muscle reflex which lead to an overload of the lumbar area L3, where the torsion movement and the maximum para spinal disequilibrium takes place. The increased values of the muscle forces formed at the level of inter spinal canals explain a possible increase of the elastic energy.

Key words:

muscle, behaviour, torsion, contraction, overload

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Biomechanic parameters analysis of trunk in oina game


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