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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.5 - 2006

Vestibular rehabilitation and balance retraining

Burt Mistiaen
University of Bruges, Belgium


The aim of this paper is to present a rehabilitation and assesment programm in vestibular disorders. Assesment in dizzeness include assesment of all components of balance and posture and also physical examination like head eye coordination, speed of head movement, direction of head movement, acceleration of head movement, position of head in reference to gravity.
Vestibular function assesment using electronystamography(ENG) Somatosensory: proprioception, pressure, touch, stretch. In physical assesment are important specific tests like: vertebral artery test for facility the diagnostic of nystagmus.Reahabilitation aspects:the first problem is to exclude the habituation factoros, that involve pathologic response, and to eliminate the provocative stimulus;the second problem is to create a new adaptation of neurophysiologic phenomenons and so to slow decline in afferent neuronal responses; the third aspect is to development the mechanisms of compensation. We formed two grups of patients.First group participate to customized rehabilitation programms and second group participate to generic vestibular rehabilitation programms. Customized rehabilitation programms include proprioception training programm and visual feedback programms and generic rehabilitation programms include repositioning Maneuver (Epley) like in the next image.
During treatment we made periodical assesment including functional changes.
At first assesment we observed that 59% from patients improved, An additional 23% noted considerable improvement , but have persistent symptoms.

Key words:

assesment, rehabilitation, dizzeness.

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