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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.5 - 2006

Bio-computational solutions for identification, correction and prophylaxis of cardiovascular risk factors II

Taina Avramescu
University of Craiova


Athletes are usually thought to be free of cardiovascular disease and hypertension because of their apparently high level of fitness. Indeed, the overall prevalence of high blood pressure in these groups is approximately 50 percent lower than in the general population. However, the risk of hypertension is increased in some athletes and physically active patients, including blacks, the elderly, persons who are obese, and those with diabetes, renal disease, or a family history of hypertension. Athletes who have systemic hypertension may be at risk for complications when exercise causes their blood pressures to rise even higher. Almost 80 percent of adolescents found to have a blood pressure above 142/92 mm Hg during a presports-participation physical examination eventually develop chronically elevated blood pressure. All athletes and physically active patients should be screened for hypertension. If the condition is diagnosed, appropriate treatment should be started to reduce the risk of morbidity and mortality associated with cardiovascular disease. A thorough understanding of the pathophysiology of the condition, especially as it relates to the effects of exercise, can help physicians recommend the most effective pharmacological and nonpharmacological therapies. Skillful management of blood pressure can help hypertensive patients continue to exercise and compete safely, while guarding against the development of long-term complications.

Key words:

physical exercise, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure

Bio-computational solutions for identification, correction and prophylaxis of cardiovascular risk factors I - click!

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