Functional rehabilitation of the knee joint after cruciate ligament reconstruction in the football players – recovery in therapy room

Horea Codorean 1 , Ion Bogdan Codorean 2 , Viorel Cojocaru 3
1 Football Club Steaua Bucharest,
2 Emergency University, Central Military Hospital Bucharest,
3 National University of Physical Education and Sport Bucharest, Romania


The objective of this study is to present the range of therapeutic exercises used in the recovery program of functional parameters of the knee joint in a group of 37 football players who suffered anteroir cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction after the ACL rupture, without any associate lessions.
Material and method. This paper is a prospective study over a period of 6 years, interval according March 2010 - May 2015, and refers to a group of 37 athletes, football players, from League I (12) League II (14) and League III (11), who suffered a knee injury resulting in acute complete rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Patients age limits were in the range of 18-35 years old. The right knee was affected in 23 (62%) patients and left knee in 14 (38%) patients. The recovery program included the recovery of preoperative 11 (28%) athletes and postoperative recovery to the whole group of athletes/patients. In this article we will refer to the stage of recovery, held in physical therapy room, physiotherapy exercises conducted targets for recovery and functional parameters of the knee joint. Results and interpretation. Assessing the evolution and progression at this stage of the recovery process was performed by self assessment, functional tests International Knee Documentation Committee (IKDC) subjective score, and objective tests, compared to healthy knee, thigh circumference measurement suprapatelar level, and isokinetic test.
Conclusion. Prescribing progressively graded exercise therapy, postoperative in relation to the time elapsed since surgery, it is essential to protect the graft, and finally return to the level of performance athlete closer to the previous injury.

Key words:

knee, ACL reconstruction, postoperative recovery, therapeutic exercices

Full article:

Functional rehabilitation of the knee joint after cruciate ligament reconstruction in the football players – recovery in therapy room


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