Correlation between depression and stress test at patients with ischemic heart

Alexandru Faur 1
1 University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila, Bucharest, Romania
Medical Expertise and Work Capacity Recovery Department, National Pension Service, Cluj Napoca, Romania


Depression and coronary heart disease associated could be linked or more ways. There is epidemiological evidence proving that higher levels of depressive clinical symptoms in patients either male or female, is associated with increased risk of stroke and year increased mortality due to coronary events in a row. Meanwhile it has been reported by patients who develop various studies that myocardial infarction depression after heart complications have angry. Some studies have enteritis occurrence of assumptions about the connection between anxiety and ischemic heart disease.
Exercise testing involves cardiovascular overload assessing conditions. The purpose of the diagnosis of diseases in clinical examinations and laboratory hidden, performed at rest, or in assessing functional capacity of the patient. We conducted a prospective study of 206 patients on the correlation of depression and stress testing in patients with ischemic heart disease. Patients with ischemic heart disease show high levels of anxiety. Anxiety as a state gradually decreases in the first 6 months of treatment early detection of patients with high levels of trait anxiety of can have great practical implications by using methods specific to anxiety and low would improve the evolution of patients with ischemic heart disease.
Anxiety and depression have the ensuing consequences of coping mechanisms used in the process of adapting to acute or chronic stress to person.

Key words:

depression, anxiety, exercise testing, ischemic heart disease, quality of life

Full article:

Correlation between depression and stress test at patients with ischemic heart


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