Evaluation of ergogenic matter and doping usage knowledge of Turkish national athletes

Kürşad Sertbaş 1 , Hakan Akdeniz 1 , Atike Yılmaz 2 , Fehmi Çalik 2 , Uğur Şentürk 3
1 Kocaeli University, PE and Sport Department, Turkey,
2 Sakarya University, Physical Education and Sport Department, Turkey,
3 Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Physical Education and Sport Department, Turkey


The aim of this study is to investigate evaluation of ergogenic matters and doping usage knowledge levels of national athletes in Turkey. In the research, questionnaire method is used to collect data. The validity and reliability of questionnaire research aimed to identify the intelligence level of athletes about ergogenic and doping matters is done by Eröz (2007). The questionnaire used in reliability test is found reliable in level of 0.797 in which alpha level is accepted as 0,05. The participants of this research are n=270 students of Physical Education and Sport Department who are national (n=161), not national (n=91) athletes. To examine the difference between every dependent variable and independent variables Chi-Square Independence Test is used. Statistically importance level is considered as 0.05. It is seen that 270 athletes that have sport education in Turkey do not have enough knowledge about doping and ergogenic help. In result of the research, it is determined that informing and awareness raising is important to prevent doping issues in the country recent years.

Key words:

ergogenic matters, doping usage, national athletes

Full article:

Evaluation of ergogenic matter and doping usage knowledge of Turkish national athletes


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