Assessment of body cell mass in Indian junior elite players (male) of different sports using bioelectrical impedance analysis method

Swapan Kr Dey, Abhishek Bandyopadhyay, Sujata Jana, Subhra Chatterjee (Nee Karmakar)
Sports Authority of India, Netaji Subhas Eastern Centre, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, India


The aim of this study was to assess and evaluate Body Cell Mass (BCM) of Indian junior male players of different sports discipline using Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). Material and Method. 79 male subjects (age range =14-20 years) were participated in the present study from various sports discipline, football (N=15), gymnastics (N=15), hockey (N=16), table tennis (N=15) and age-matched sedentary control group (N=18). Whole body bioelectrical impedance analysis was performed using a multi-frequency analyzer (Maltron Bioscan 920-2, Maltron International, Rayleigh, Essex, UK). Physical characteristics, fat and fat free mass, protein, muscle and glycogen mass along with body cell mass (BCM) were evaluated. Results. Significant (p<0.01) differences were observed in height, weight and BMI except mean age of the subjects of different sports discipline and control group when compared among the groups. Body composition parameters except adiposity were found to be higher in hockey players as compared to their other counterparts. On the other hand, gymnasts were found to be smaller in size & have lower values in all the selected parameters. Significant differences (p<0.05 and p<0.01) were also observed in all the parameters when gymnasts were compared with the table tennis players. BCM in respect to body weight (relative BCM %) was found to be lower in table tennis players and higher in case of hockey players respectively. BCM was found to be highly correlated (P<0.01) with fat free mass and body weight in all the groups. Conclusion. BCM is related to the ability to extract and utilise oxygen by the working muscles and also to the improvement of muscular efficiency during activity. The present findings will be useful for the trainer to formulate the systematic and scientific training program to enhance sport performance as well as for future comparison.

Key words:

body cell mass, bioelectrical impedance analysis, football, hockey, gymnastics, table tennis

Full article:

Assessment of body cell mass in Indian junior elite players (male) of different sports using bioelectrical impedance analysis method


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