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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.41 - 2015
ARTICLE – abstract

Isokinetic specific training protocol in athletes with “handball goalie’s elbow” injury

Hatzimanouil Dimitrios1, Konstantinos Natsis2, Giannakos Athanasios1, Lazaridis Savvas1
1Laboratory of Coaching and Sport Performance, Department of Physical Education and Sports
Sciences, School of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
2Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece


The aim of the present study was to evaluate the concentric elbow flexion and extension, forearm pronation and supination and wrist flexion and extension torque in handball goalkeepers with “handball goalie’s elbow” injury and to assess the effectiveness of the particular strengthening intervention program. Sixteen top level male goalkeepers who had suffered from elbow injury in the past participated in the study. Pain was the main characteristic of all players.
The subjects were divided into an experimental group (N=8) and a control group (N=8). The experimental group underwent a strengthening program with constant resistance using free-weights for three months. The other group (control) was not subjected to any muscular strengthening program. Pre and post the strengthening program all subjects were measured tested for the bilateral peak torque during the concentric flexion and extension of the elbow, pronation and supination of the forearm and flexion and extension of the wrist using an isokinetic dynamometer. The experimental group revealed significant differences only in few parameters regarding the test protocol. More specifically there was a significant increase during the left forearm pronation at 30°/s and at 120°/s (p<0.01) and a statistically significant increase during the left wrist flexion at 30°/s (p<0.01) between pre and post measurement. It was concluded that the resistance training protocol must be evaluate with more specialization in the training program (isotonic program - isotonic control). Players must perform strengthening protocols in order to prevent “handball goalie’s elbow” using strengthening programs for a long period evaluating muscle strength not only in isokinetic dynamometer.
Key words:

elbow injury, training, concentric

Full article:

Isokinetic specific training protocol in athletes with “handball goalie’s elbow” injury

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