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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.34 - 2013
ARTICLE – abstract

Biomechanical differences between jump topspin serve and jump float serve of elite Greek female volleyball players

Iconomou Charalabos1, Lazaridis Savvas2, Papadopoulou Sophia2, Ioannidis Theodoros2
1Technological Educational  Institution of Serres, Department of Physical Activity,
2Laboratory of Coaching and Sport Performance, Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece


Aim and scope. The purpose of this study was to describe the biomechanical differences between jump topspin serve and jump float serve of elite young female Greek volleyball athletes.
Material and methods. 12 international players volunteered and performed randomly three jump topspin and three jump float serves. MNTCS video cameras filming at 100Hz recorded the players during the serves.
Results. Jump topspin serve presented higher values compared to jump float serve on ball velocity, horizontal COM displacement, jump height, spike height and COM velocities during take-off phase. As well as that, players during jump topspin serve revealed higher values in all examined linear joint velocities of upper limbs. Finally, a proximal to distal pattern was observed in both serves regarding velocity of upper body joints. Conclusions. Jumping topspin serve, though risky, can generate a more difficult scenario for defense. Results from this study could be used by professional coaches or by athletes themselves to better train these two types of serves.
Key words:

biomechanics, volleyball jump serve, topspin serve

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