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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.23 - 2010
ARTICLE – abstract

The study concerning the development of the effort capacity of the footballers at the first league team

Marius Dima, Olivia Timnea, Sanda Toma  Urichianu
Ecology University,  Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Bucharest, Romania


They have supposed that by using some modern tests in order to define the capacity of effort of the footballers and a detailed pacification of the trainings during the summer preparation for school with the results of the tests they will contribute to the improvement of the sportive performance. The aim of choosing it and doing this topic is that one of contributing to the improvement of a new methodical line used in physical training of the footballers but also as a means of information for those ones who are taking care of in a way or another of this aspect in football. Material and methods. The research was done between 11.06.2008-25.07.2008 and had as subjects the components of the team of first league from the championship of Romania, with the specification that from 25th of June until 11th of July the team moved in training camp to Austria in Eichgraben. The progressive running test go-back of 20 meters with breaks of a minute -VAMEVAL. It is about a progressive and maximal test meaning easy at the beginning then difficult in the end. The total length depends on the physical force (aerobical resistance) mainly of each one. At the initial test of the attackers (T1), the average values of VAM are 15,6 and the standard exception is 0, 12, while VO2max registered average values of 68,92, having the standard exception of 0,17. During the final test of the attackers (T2) the average of the VAM values is of 16, 5 with the standard exception of 1,51, while the average of the values VO2max is of 69,14, with a standard exception of 0,21.
Conclusions. It’s very important to think and to be able to do things all the time; it could be extremely two very important objectives. It’s necessary to know the level of the development of metrical qualities of the footballers, being reported to the profile of the playing place.
Key words:

experiment, test, effort capacity, professional footballers

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