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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.16 - 2008

Restore the pelvis’ tilt after surgically treated complex acetabular fractures in athletes

Rumiana Tasheva
National Sports Academy Vassil Levski, Sofia, Bulgaria

The dislocated acetabular fractures are often occurred traumas in motoring, parachutism, hang gliding and other highly-energetic sports. The only thing left to do is the surgical stabilization which has been improving for the last years but the problem with pelvis tilt is in fact. The purpose of study is to trace the physiotherapy approach to restore the pelvis’ tilt after surgical treated complex acetabular fractures in athletes. Material and method. From February 2000 until July 2008 were treated 29 patients after dislocated complex acetabular fractures in multiple traumas. The surgical stabilization as a limited invasive method was implemented by A. Iotov (2001). Relaxation of m. quadratus lumborum and reactivation of the abdominal muscles was a base of controlling the pelvis’ tilt in supine, side and standing positions. Results. The pain intensity was with average 8, 7 level and regressed to 3, 6 after two weeks. The differences in the levels of the both anterior superior iliac spines in all patients have been eliminating for three weeks. The results of the static endurance test showed reduction of the abdominal muscles inhibition. M. quadratus lumborum was shortness in contrast to flexors. Palpation and specific test after three weeks demonstrated abasement of its tonus and to reach the balance with abdominal muscles. Conclusion. The adequate recovery of the athletes after surgical stabilized dislocated complex acetabular fractures in multiple traumas is needed to control of the pelvis’ tilt in the early phase of the physiotherapy program.

Key words:

acetabular fractures, pelvis’ tilt, physiotherapy

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