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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.15 - 2008

Attentional Skills and Reaction Time for the Volleyball Player

Montesano Pietro, Nocerino Davide, Mazzeo Filomena
Faculty Motor Science, Parthenope University of Naples, Italy


The attentional skill, present in both situations of professional and amateur sport activities, can be attributed to the quality and quantity of inputs that the different situations suggest. The time of reaction represents the feedback, measured in time unit, to the inputs proposed. The experimentation made with an observatory method and through the timekeeping, has been done a sample of 36 students-athletes, selected independently from their gender and age, they’ve been divided into three different levels. The first level included athletes who play or had played volleyball professionally  (Major League); level II included athletes-students who have played volleyball on an agonistic level (I Division- Amateur Competition), the level III includes students who have never played volleyball on an agonistic level but able to support the effort of a competition. The results have highlighted  how the level 1 of the tested component  athletes-students, has given, also in percentage, the most convincing results, therefore it must be considered the trainability of the attentional  and reactive characteristic, creating the basis for a training plan within diagnostic information safe and appropriate.

Key words:

performance, volleyball, attentional skills, reaction time

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