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"Medicina Sportiva" No.14 - 2008 The 15-th Sports Medicine Balkan Congress


Mohsen Ghaforian1, Nader Rahnama 2, Mehdi Kargarfard 3, Ebrahim Banitalebi4
1Sama Organization (affiliated with Islamic Azad University) - Shiraz Branch,
2 Physical Education & Sport Science College, Isfahan University,
3Shahrekord University,  Shahrekord,
 4Islamic Azad University of Shahrekord Branch, Iran

Introduction. The Purpose of this study was a preliminary assessment of team sports athletes' awareness of injury prevention strategies.
Method. Present research method is descriptive and survey. The research society is included all men athletes students who participate in team sports in 8th sport-student Olympiad. The sampling design is randomize. The sample is included 280 people between these people. The instrument for collecting information is the questionnaire which was done by the researcher. For data analysis inferential statistic (t- test and ANOVA) and descriptive statistic is used.
Results. The weakest awareness four team sport (handball, basketball, volleyball and football) is relate to diet suggestion before and after competition training. Also, the weakest performance is related to cooling down after competition and weakly training of flexibility and strength in form of team or single training. The correlation between athletes awareness and performance of injury prevention strategies in four sports team i(0/44) (p≤ 0/01). The ranking of injury mechanism in four sports shows the injury potential in handball, basketball and volleyball at the time of landing on one foot and in football at the time of tackling. Also, ranking of injury sports on the body shows that the most injury potential in four sports is considered to ankle and knee.
Conclusion. There are major problems in awareness and performance of athletes in respect to prevention of injury. These problems are more specific using protective equipments, cooling down, flexibility and strength training and dietary habits of athlete, before and after physical training. The correlation between awareness and performance in athletes shows that the more awareness of injury prevention strategies, the more performance and reversal. Actually, if athletes awareness of injury prevention strategies. Increases, a lot of problems in peripheral due to injuries like being away of sports events and injury treatment cost will reduce. Also it is important to concentrate on injury prevention strategies in respect to injury mechanisms in handball, basketball and volleyball in landing after jumping, in football in tackling and in regard body parts respect to injury marks and injury factors in ankle and knee.
Key words: injury, awareness, team sports, injury mechanism, prevention strategies.

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