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"Medicina Sportiva" No.14 - 2008 The 15-th Sports Medicine Balkan Congress


Kokkinou Sotiria, Stratoglou Panagiotis, Georgiadou Evdokia
Alexander Technological Education Institute Thessaloniki, Greece

Our body is characterized by a “harmony” of movements. The biggest challenge which is health, achieved when all the departments of body, are free to move in harmonious relation each other. The restriction of this continuous alternation of movement is responsible for a lot of pathological situations. The legitimate question is if there is a way to appreciate this functionalism, but also if we have the way to influence it?
The functionalism of Brain but also Spinal Marrow depends immediately from those functionalisms of all the manufactures that surrounds them (bones of skull, face, vertebrae, sacrum, intracranial membranes, vertebral temples, cerebrospinal liquid and whatever has relation with them). All these manufactures constitute Craniosacral System. The role of this system is so much vital, that report the presence and the action of brain and spinal marrow, that the imbalance or the dysfunction it can cause
in an individual person aesthetic, kinetic or neurological disturbances (e.g., chronic pain, headaches, migraines, lumbagos, coxalgia, ramex of mesovertebra disk, cervical syndrome, stress, insomnia, lassitude, bad digestion etc). Craniosacral treatment is a bland treatment with handlings of weight 5gr, that is applied by suitably educated healer, in various points of body, mainly in the bones of skull, the face, in the vertebrae and sacrum, with purpose to appreciate but also to strengthen the functionalism of Craniosacral of System.
More concretely it helps patients with: • craniocerebral lesion; • cerebral ischemic attack; • operating treatment or wounds in the vertebrae; • lumbago, coxalgia, ramex of mesovertebra disk.;
• arthritis; • rheumatoid arthritis; • dysfunction due to stress (insomnia, syndrome of lassitude, bad digestion, headaches, etc); • Cervical Syndrome; • aesthetic disturbances (loss of flavour, rhinesthesia, buzz of ears, etc); • vertigo, migraines, headaches; • the application of technique with soft touch settled marvellous therapeutic approach to baby, newborn, or children with traumatic lesion, training difficulties, hyperkinetic etc.; • problems of temporal gnathic articulation; • palsy of facial nerve; • Syndrome whiplash; • chronic emphractic pulmonary disease; • neuralgias; • frozen shoulder; • Syndrome of Chronic pain; • depression, sentimental disturbances; • inflammations; • optical disturbances, e.g. nystagmous; • asthma; • hormonal disturbances; • problems in  the pregnancy.

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