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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.11 - 2007

Increased benefit and compliance in patients with metabolic syndrome by using physical activity monitors

Claudiu Avram1, Mihaela Oraviţan1, Mircea Iurciuc2, Stela Iurciuc2, Adrian Nagel1, Dan Gaiţă2
1Department of Physical Education and Sport, University of West Timişoara, Romania
2Victor Babeş University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timişoara, Romania


The present study is aiming to demonstrate the benefit of monitored physical activity on patients with metabolic syndrome (MS). We conduct a randomized prospective study of 18±0.7 weeks on 46 voluntary patients. The patients were divided in two groups: Group M (32 patients) – monitored and registered physical activity using a pedometer and a heart rate monitor (HRM); The control group (14 patients) - subjective assessment of physical activity using the Borg scale of perceived exertion. General indications regarding the diet and an individualized physical training programme  were set for each patient. Four patients (12%) from the study group and three (21%) from the control group dropped out of the study, not having a specific problem. After 18 weeks of study, 4 patients (12%) from the study group and 1 patient (7%) from the control group deed not meet anymore the IDF criteria of MS. We noticed a significant improvement in the study group of %BF (32.75±5.73 vs. 24.77±4.21, P<0.0001) and DASI (45.66±6.24 vs. 40.58±8.52, P=0.02) comparing to control. In conclusions, monitored physical activities for 18 weeks at moderate intensity have beneficial effect on MS components, decrease body fat and improve functional capacity of the patients with MS. Pedometers and HRMs may be valuable tools in estimating daily physical activity and increasing motivation to move and compliance in patients with MS.

Key words:

metabolic syndrome, physical activity, pedometer, heart rate monitor.

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