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PHYSICAL EXERCISES - a complex and modern way to promote healthy living


University of Craiova,  Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Craiova,
Study and Research
Center of Human Motion,  Romanian Society for Sports Medicine,
 invite you at the 2nd International Conference proceedings

˝Physical exercises - a complex and modern way to promote healthy living˝

which will take place on 22-25 October 2009 at the University of Craiova,
Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, street Brestei, nr. 156.

The Conference - that we wish to become a reference manifestation - represents a special occasion of knowledge, communication and professional experience exchange between all that have through their preoccupations sportive activity, performance sports, kinetic therapy, medical recovery and sports medicine.
First of all, our Conference principal aim is to discuss the essential role of physical exercise for health state promoting and medical recovery.

Honour President:
 Rector - University of Craiova,
 Prof. Ion Vladimirescu
 Dean, Prof. Marian Dragomir

President of Scientific comitee:
 Prof. Taina Elena Avramescu

 Prof Dorina Ortanescu
 Senior lecturer Maria Mirela Vasilescu
 Prof. Ligia Rusu
Last update: November 19, 2009

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