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Newsletter online Ist trimester 2015
In perioada  5-6 iunie 2015,
Societatea Romana de Medicina Sportiva
Organizeaza la Bucuresti, la sediul Comitetului Olimpic si Sportiv Roman - Bd. Marasti - langa Arcul de Triumf
A XXIV- a Conferinta Nationala de Medicina Sportiva
(informatii complete pe site-ul Conferintei)

Important! Am inceput sa postam articolele revistei Medicina Sportiva  in format full text!

Newsletter-ul (trimestrial) cuprinde ştiri din domeniul Medicinei sportive, sanatatii,
detalii legate de evenimentele din domeniu şi alte informatii.

Revista Medicina Sportiva Nr. 41 - 2015  (english only)
• Impact of energy intake and balance on the athletic performance and health of top female volleyball athletes
• Magnesium supplementation in top athletes - effects and recommendations
• The role of lifestyle interventions in preventing diabetes in high risk populations
• Vertical ground reaction force during land- and water-based exercise performed by patients with type 2 diabetes
• Synovial osteochondromatosis in a master runner - a case report with clinical and radiological findings
• Isokinetic specific training protocol in athletes with “handball goalie’s elbow” injury
• A study of the effects of anuloma viloma pranayama on hematological parameters
Revista Medicina Sportiva Nr. 40 - 2015  (english only)
• Ethical issues and doping in Olimpic and Paralympic Games
• Relative effort changes during sit to stand and stand to sit transition following muscle damage
• Prevalence of risk factors of cardiovascular diseases among practitioners of skiing - study on a sample of 632 subjects
• Responses to sodium bicarbonate supplementation in repeat sprint activity are individual
• Assessment of physical activity levels and nicotine dependence among university students
• The study of predictor’s anthropometric parameters of upper limb with elbow carrying angle in athletes
• Electromyographic analysis of bench press in paralympic athletes
• Age grade distribution of high quadriceps angle in a selected Nigerian population
• A comparison of spine ROM and physical fitness parameters in active females and sedentary females
• The role of acclimatization in preventing acute mountain sickness: research on a group of 36 climbers on climbing the mountain Muztagh Ata, China, between 3600 and 7546 m altitude

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