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Newsletter online IIIrdtrimester 2014

Newsletter-ul (trimestrial) cuprinde ştiri din domeniul Medicinei sportive, sanatatii,
detalii legate de evenimentele din domeniu şi alte informatii.

Finalul carierei sportive

Relaxarea psiho-fiziologică
Revista Medicina Sportiva Nr. 38 - 2014  (english only)
• Pharmacologically active substances and dietary supplements used by athletes - the European and Italian regulation
• Pattern of sports injuries and physiotherapy interventions at the 23rd Nigerian University Games
• The relationship between alignment of upper limb and postural control in adolescents with Down Syndrome
• A cross-sectional study for the relationship of left atrial remodelling with body composition and body surface area in athletes of various sports
• The effects of short-term extract of Melissa officinalis supplement on hip circumference (swelling) after aerobic exercise in a negative slope
• The Effect of PNF stretching in the hamstring muscles on the young speed  sprinters
• Study regarding the benefits of using physical exercise in the treatment of non-insulin dependent diabetes
• The analgesic effect and improvement of motor deficit using a rehabilitation program with high intensity laser included, after operated lumbar disc hernia with paretic radiculopathy

Campania medicală: Tinere stai drept!

Campanie de consultații cu pret redus pentru identificarea tulburărilor de statică vertebrală la elevi (clasa 0-12 sau 6-19 ani).

Campania este axata pe examenul clinic pentru depistarea tulburarilor de statica vertebrala: scolioza vertebrala, hipercifoza dorsala si hiperlordoza lombara si a dismorfismelor decelabile clinic (spondilolistezis).

Evaluarea dezvoltării fizice și a stării de nutriție.

Campania medicală: Tinere stai drept!


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