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  Newsletter-ul (trimestrial) cuprinde ştiri din domeniul Medicinei sportive, sanatatii, detalii legate de evenimentele din domeniu şi alte informatii.

Revista Medicina Sportiva Nr. 32 - 2012

• Aquatic fitness and rehabilitation at individuals with disabilities
• The efficiency of rehabilitation programs for computer workers with neck and shoulder musculoskeletal complaints
• Comparison of two different warm-up protocols on functional performance in athletes
• The effects of body fat distribution on cardiopulmonary function in obese women
• Effect of age on physical activity levels among teachers in selected secondary schools, Ibadan, Nigeria
• Computerized gait evaluation in patients with surgically repaired Achilles tendon ruptures
• Comparing open kinetic chain with closed kinetic chain exercise on quadriceps strength and functional status of women with osteoarthritic knees
• Quadriceps angle and its relation with hip rotation measured in two starting positions
• The effect of 6 weeks core stabilization training program on the balance in mentally retarded students

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