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Newsletter online IIIrd trimester 2012

  Newsletter-ul (trimestrial) cuprinde ştiri din domeniul Medicinei sportive, sanatatii, detalii legate de evenimentele din domeniu şi alte informatii.

Revista Medicina Sportiva Nr. 30 - 2012

• Correlation of strength, BMI and limb girth to bone mineral density in young adults with different levels of physical activity
• Modern principles of treatment in Lisfranc midfoot dislocations
• Evaluation the functional status of the liver in elite Jordanian athletes
• Active rehabilitation importance in patients with primary total hip replacement
• Effect of Suryanamaskar practice on speed of movement and vital capacity
• Ligament tensioning devices in total knee prostheses: evolution and classification
• Profile of injuries in Indian elite male field hockey players in relation to playing positions
• Effect of pre-exercise sports drink on cardio-respiratory fitness
• A study to evaluate the effect of fatigue on knee joint proprioception and balance in healthy individuals
• Pre and postoperative gravity center and muscular activity evaluation in patients with total hip arthroplasty

Revista Medicina Sportiva Nr. 31 - 2012

• Experiential interventions focused on optimization of children`s and teenagers` performances in sports
• Obese pronated foot posture may increase the risk of chronic plantar heel pain than normal pronated foot posture: a case control study
• Sauna effect on blood oxygen transport and prooxidant-antioxidant balance in athletes
• The role of occupational therapy within the complex functional rehabilitation program of the paraplegic patient
• Role of fat mass and muscle mass on functional performance of elite Indian junior tennis players
• Findings regarding the injury recovery in Taekwondo during  Kyorug
• The effect of Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) on anaerobic performance on elite Indian cyclist
• Effects of progressive depth jumping on vertical jump performance
• Correlation of femoral shaft length and tibia length with the performance of athletes in speed, agility and strength
• Effect of proprioceptive exercises on balance and center of pressure in athletes with functional ankle instability
• Effects of electrical stimulation in the management of the cerebral palsy upper limb spastic syndrome
• Incidental tracheobronchial aspiration of a ball pin in a healthy young professional basketball player - a case report
• The use of bone substitutes in treating large bone defects after femoral shaft fractures – case report

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