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Newsletter online IInd trimester 2012

  Newsletter-ul (trimestrial) cuprinde ştiri din domeniul Medicinei sportive, sanatatii, detalii legate de evenimentele din domeniu şi alte informatii.

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Sportul la scoala si recomandarile medicale
Revista Medicina Sportiva Nr. 29 - 2012

• The benefits of participation in aquatic activities for people with disabilities
• An empirical study of backward walking treadmill training on static and dynamic balance in adolescent girls
• Assessment of level of physical activity in patients with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
• Study regarding the monitoring and optimisation in athletes’ rehabilitation after cruciate ligaments injuries arthroscopically assisted
• Differences in nutritional assessment of Indian throwers and physical education students
• A 12-week physical training program – effects on fibromyalgia patients
• Home based application of transdermal cryoanalgesia as interventional pain management among Nigerian physiotherapists
• Development of a new Motor Development Evaluation Scale for CP diagnosed children (SED-PCI): Phase I—Development of New Items
• Atraumatic knee pain in young, active patients – is there any pain "without cause"?
• Musculo-skeletal trauma incidence in competitive sportsmen:  Forearm and elbow traumas by age groups and time spent in sports practicing (part II)

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