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 Professor Paula Drosescu MD PhD
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The individual lysis capacity – a natural factor in athletic selection

Based on their ability to realise, under basal conditions, an individual lysis capacity, individuals can be describes as being:
 • Low NK – low individual lysis capacity- people who have a capacity of up to 25% for natural killer cells lysis;

Picture 1
Individual lysis capacity recorded in judoka.
Legend: the ordinate shows the number of cases recorded; the abscissa shows the values for:
- low NK < 25%,
- middle NK 25% - 29% and 30%-39%;
- high NK > 40%.
- high NK > 40%.
Individual lysis capacity judo

 • Middle NK – medium individual lysis capacity- people who have between 25% and 39% natural killer cells lysis capacity;
 • High NK- high individual lysis capacity- people who have over 40% natural killer cells lysis capacity.

Individual lysis capacity recorded in the athletes included in the tests
Individual lysis capacityNumber of cases in judoNumber of cases in endurance athletesNumber of cases in speed athletes
< 24%5-1
25% - 29%5-2
30% - 39%422

Individual lysis capacityPicture 2
Individual lysis capacity recorded in athletics.
Legend: the ordinate shows the number of cases recorded; the abscissa shows the values for:
- low NK < 25%,
- middle NK 25% - 29% and 30%-39%;
- high NK > 40%.

In athletics we notice the mirrored distribution of the number of cases and this would allow for possible explanations for the already-mentioned situations (sa stii ca nu e foarte clar care sunt aceste situatii deja discutate):
  • The immune basal status seems to be superior in the athletics group compared to judo, which makes for the tolerance of an increased effort, probably existing as a criteria of natural selection;
  • It is not excluded that this immune status might be an effect of the physical effort itself – this statement is difficult to prove but also difficult to oppose as long as the primary values from 11-12 years ago are not available;
  • The data gives room for an interesting theme of study: the outlined phenomena are caused only by the neural-endocrine mechanisms, or are there factors in the plasma that trigger immune depression and which seem to be activated only within the hemodynamic modifications caused by effort?

Professor Paula Drosescu, MD. PhD
Faculty of Physical Education and Sports
“Al. I. Cuza” University Iasi
December 10, 2009
Medical Cabinet Alternative Iasi
Associate Certified Coach ICF

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