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"Medicina Sportiva" Nr.9 - 2007

Borg rating of perceived exertion scale

Bara Laura-Margareta¹, Vârtosu Venera-Maria¹, Vasile Simona1, Ionescu Silvia Elena1,
Mihăilescu Violeta Ioana2
¹Carol DavilaUniversity, Bucharest,
² ,,N. Paulescu”Institute , Bucharest,,N. Paulescu”Institute , Bucharest


The rating of perceived exertion (Borg’s scale) – subjective quantification of exertion – is widely used in sports medicine to monitor or prescribe levels of exercise intensity. Numerous studies have shown that RPE is well correlated with physiological measures of exercise intensity, such as: heart rate, blood lactate levels, % VO2 max, VO2, respiratory rate. Due to its high accessibility (simplicity, low cost), the RPE also finds application in pathology (cardiovascular, respiratory disorders) and exercise during pregnancy.

Key words:  Borg’s Scale, rate of perceived exertion, RPE.


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