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"Medicina Sportiva" Nr.10 - 2007

Efficiency of TENS after Orthopedic Surgery

Tolga ATAY1, Hasan HALLACELI2, Metin Lutfi BAYDAR1, Nevres Hurriyet AYDOGAN1, Tuba Ince PARPUCU2
1 Department of Orthopedics, Suleyman Demirel University, School of Medicine, Isparta,TURKEY
2 Department of Physicial Therapy and Rehabilitation, Suleyman Demirel University, School of Medicine

Abstract.  This study comprises two groups, one of them control group and the other one experiment group, for the purpose of determining the efficiency of TENS treatment (Transcuteneal Electric Current Nerve Stimulation) on patients suffering from pain after surgery on skeleton system. A total of 40 cases, 20 in each group, have been included in the research. Classical physiotherapy programmer has been applied to the cases after orthopedic surgery. In addition, TENS current has been applied to only experiment group. Before and after surgery, pain diagnosis has been evaluated in accordance with “Visual Analog Scale”. Statistical results of the data we obtained both before treatment and after treatment are as the following: average VAS value for the control group before and after treatment is 4,0500+/-0,88704 and 0,7000+/- 0,73270 while for experiment group it is respectively 3,8000+/-1,0052 and 0,5500+/-0,60481. When the values of postoperative pain findings of patients in both groups have been evaluated with VAS, it is not regarded statistically meaningful among VAS values of after-treatment period (p>0.05).

Key words:  post operative pain; electrotherapy; TENS

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