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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.9 - 2007

Supervision of the immune index level in high-performance athletes volleyball players
during an annual cycle

Serbescu Ioan
Sport Medicine Department Timisoara


Sport practicing, due to the special conditions under which it occurs, needs an immune system which could assure a perfect health status. The immune system has two components: the innate immune system (IIS) and the adaptive immune system (AIS). The number of lymphocytes per mm (normal = 2500 – 3500) may represent a useful marker for the diagnosis of the protein-calorie malnutrition.
Specialists in hematology recommend the calculation of the leukocytes/lymphocytes coefficient (threshold value = 0.35).
The total lymphocyte number may represent a marker of malnutrition only if we exclude an infection, a disease associated with the depression of the immune system (but the high-performance sports do not depress the immune system?) or a hematological disease; stress and corticotherapy, often used by athletes, may also induce immunodepression! It has followed the evolution of the coefficient leukocytes/leukocytes in various steps of our study carried out during a sportive year, upon the volleyball players from the team ,,Timisoara University”.
Anyway, in the absence of other specific tests, the supervision of this coefficient could be used in the medical-sportive control of volleyball players, participants in internal or international competitions, with a guiding marker of the immune reactivity compared to the stress induced by the sportive effort.

Key words:

immune system, leukocytes/lymphocytes coefficient, athletes.

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