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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.9 - 2007

Electromiographycal changes induced by medium altitude physical training at athletes

Mihaela Oraviţan1, Claudiu Avram1, Elena Sîrbu1, Adrian Nagel1, Eugen Bota1, Stela Iurciuc2
1University of West Timişoara, Physical Education and Sport Faculty
2 „Victor Babeş” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timişoara, Departament of Ambulatory Medicine


The objective of this was to evidentiate the electromiographyc and somatometric changes at thigh level at athletes who made a trainind schedule at medium altitude. Material and Method. This study was made on a 12 athletes group (study group) who benefited by a medium altitude (1400 m) physical training stage for a month (SEAL program). Surface electromyography and somatometric measurements were made before and after physical training period; by surface EMG we monitorize quadriceps femoral and biceps femoral muscles work potential, rising time and drop time, using a biofeedback device. Results. Study results show that physical training induce a significant increase (p<0,05) of thigh muscles force, in direct and strong correlation with some electromyographycal parameters: work potential of thigh muscles (p<0,05), reaction speed at external signals (acoustic signals in our case), by decreasing rising time for muscular contraction (p<0,05). Conclusions The same training schedule made at medium altitude improve significantly, among the other parameters, the relaxation speed (by decreasing the drop time, necessary fot muscle to reach the repause potential after an acoustic signal) on comparison with other 11 athletes (control group) who made the same training program at plain.

Key words:

surface electromyography, physical training, medium altitude.

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