Health status of the students from the sport lyceums

Cebanu Serghei 1,2 , Rubanovici Vladislav 1 , Friptuleac Grigore 1,2
1 Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Republic of Moldova
2 National Agency for Public Health, Republic of Moldova


The development and growth period of the students from the sport lyceums is marked by an obvious worsening in their health status. This is caused not only by the socio-economic factors, but also by living, training and unfavorable lifestyle factors.
Objective. Health status assessment of the students from sport lyceums of Chisinau municipality.
Method. A descriptive, longitudinal study of the health status of the students from sports lyceums was conducted, for o period of 10 years (2007-2016). It was analyzed the incidence, prevalence and structure of general morbidity based on which the students were distributed by health groups.
Results. The morbidity level in the students from Republican Sports Boarding Lyceum, in the study period is higher than in Municipal Sports Lyceum and republican average level. In the structure of their morbidity predominate the diseases of respiratory system, diseases of eye and its annexes, traumatic injuries, skin and subcutaneous cellular tissue diseases, which constitutes 82.1% out of all registered diseases.
Conclusions. Although the adolescence period is considered a healthier stage of life compared to early childhood and advanced age, the morbidity in the students from general and sports lyceums mark’s worrying trends. The healthy behaviors established during this period are important benefits for the longterm health of the population.

Key words:

health status, students, sports lyceum, preventions measures

Full article:

Health status of the students from the sport lyceums


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