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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.5 - 2006

Changes of the vertebral column at sportsmen - radio-imaging aspects

Anne-Marie Zamfir
National Institute of Sport Medicine Bucharest


There are individual predisposal factors very important in the appearance of the vertebral column changes at sportsmen-the phylogenetic variations of the development of the column, cranial and caudal(of which the most frequent was sacrelizing of L5 vertebra),spina bifida oculta S1,L5 and congenital spondylolisis and spondylolistesism-which modifying the biomechanics of the vertebral column promotes the degenerative changes in a higher proportion than for the sportsmen without anomalies of the vertebral column.
The changes of the vertebral column at sportsmen are grouped into traumatic lesions (bony, ligament, disc, medullar and those of the soft paravertebral parts),diseases due to the micro-traumatisms(Baastroup disease, Scheuermann vertebral epifisitis) and chronic diseases, consequences of macro- and micro-traumatisms(diseases of the disc, traumatic spondylolisis and spondylolistesism and changes of the vertebral statics) emphasized by radiological images, computed tomography(CT) and magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) of the sportsmen examined in the National Institute of Sports Medicine.

Key words:

vertebral column, sportsmen, radio -imagery

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