Effect of Traumeel S associated with conventional treatment in patients with low-back pain

Rîndașu Ileana 1 , Berteanu Mihai 2
1 Ecomed Clinic, Bucharest
2 University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila", Bucharest, Romania


The current study aims to assess the effects of associating Traumeel S to the classical treatment with physiotherapy, massage and kinetotherapy, in order to facilitate the recovery in patients with low back pain. Until now, we included in the study a total of 20 patients, aged between 20-86, divided into two groups (study and control group). During the study, a clinical improvement was faster found in patients treated complementary with Traumeel S, with better values, in the 6th day of the treatment, but in the end, patients experienced similar conditions in terms of quality of life and VAS score. Larger number of patients have to be included in the study in order to make a relevant statistical evaluation and confirm with certainty the effects of the complementary treatment with Traumeel S in patients with low back pain.

Key words:

Traumeel S, complementary medicine, low back pain, quality of life

Full article:

Effect of Traumeel S associated with conventional treatment in patients with low-back pain


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