Pattern of musculoskeletal injuries among soccer and basketball players in a Nigerian university

Olusola Ayanniyi 1 , Oluwasegun Abiodun B 2 , Babatunde A Adekanla 3
1 Department of Physiotherapy College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria
2 Department of Physiotherapy, General hospital Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria
3 Department of Physiotherapy, University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria


Involvement in sports is recognized as a potential source of musculoskeletal injuries with variable patterns and severity. This study was conducted to investigate the occurrence, pattern of musculoskeletal injuries and treatment intervention used among soccer and basketball players of the University of Ibadan. A retrospective study was carried out through the administration of a self-administered questionnaire. Information on occurrence of injury, location and types of injury, causes of injury and treatment received were obtained.
Sixty four (80%) players out of a total of 80 players that participated in the study reported to have sustained injury over the period covered by the study. Players within the age range of 21 to 24 years have the highest occurrence of injury across both sports. Soccer players suffered injury most to their lower limb constituting over 50% of total injury sustained. Basketball players suffered most injury to their finger (n=8, 21.6%) and ankle (n=8, 21.6%). Strain is reported as most common type of injury among soccer players (n=15, 46.9%) while sprain was reported to be predominant among basketball players (n=20, 62.5%). Tackling from opposing players was reported as the major cause of injury among soccer players (n=13, 40.6%) while the major cause of injury among the basketball players was attributed to stumbling/fall. First aid was the most utilized form of treatment by the injured players across the two sports.
It was concluded that injuries are common in both sports, predominant cause of injuries among soccer players are due to contact while the predominant causes of injuries among basketball players are due to non-contact incidents. The pattern and location of injuries relate closely to the part of the body mostly involved with the giving sports.

Key words:

pattern, musculoskeletal injuries, soccer, basketball players.

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Pattern of musculoskeletal injuries among soccer and basketball players in a Nigerian university


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