Compared 2 method of resistance training (traditional and body pump) on the vertical jump and balance in male basketball players 16-18 years

Salimi H, Barati A H, Adibpour N
Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science, Teheran, Iran


The aim of this study was to compare the bodypump and resistance training on vertical jump and balance on male basketball players 16-18 years. Therefore 36 teenage basketball players voluntarily chosen and randomly divided into three groups including: bodypump group (n=12, age range 17±0.5 year, height 179±0.05cm and a weight range 69.26±12.22kg), resistance group (n=12, age range 17±0.6 years, range height 178±0.09 cm and weight 68.55±14.25 kg) and control group (n=12,age range 17±0.5 years, height range 179±0.06 cm, and the weight range 70.06±8kg), respectively. The field study was a pretest-posttest design. Experimental groups were carried out of 8-weeks of typical training. After 8 weeks, the subjects were then tested by vertical jump measured by Sargent test and balance measured by dynamic balance test. For analysis data one way ANCOVA and Bonferroni test were used. Significant level was p≤0.05. Between group measurements indicated that the between group the difference was significant. Bonferroni test showed that between experimental and control groups difference was significant, but the difference between the experimental groups was not significant. It can be concluded, for fundamental basketball team with large number of athletes, using a bodypump that has an effect similar to the conventional resistance and perhaps that does not require expensive equipment and as a group performed due, can save money and time and is effective for improving fitness.

Key words:

vertical jump, balance, bodypump training, resistance training

Full article:

Compared 2 method of resistance training (traditional and body pump) on the vertical jump and balance in male basketball players 16-18 years


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