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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.40 - 2014
ARTICLE – abstract

A comparison of spine ROM and physical fitness parameters in active females and sedentary females

Yildiz Yaprak
Physical Education and Sports Department, Mustafa Kemal University, Hatay, Turkey


The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of physical activity on spine range of motion (ROM) and on some physical fitness parameters in young females. Ninety-nine female university students (45 physically active and 54 sedentary) between the ages of 18 and 24 years with no history of back pain (Age: 19,69±1,85years; Height: 158,61±7,1cm; Body weight: 55,34±6,13kg) voluntarily participated to this study.
Material and Method. The anthropometric, strength, endurance and flexibility measurements of the all participants were made. After, spine ROM measurements from two different anatomic points were recorded. For data analysis, each parameters were calculated as mean±standart deviation (SD). Differences among the two groups were investigated by independent sample t testing. Pearson correlation coefficient was used to test relationships among the parameters.
Results: The tests which resulted in signicant differences (p < 0.00) between the two groups included the back muscle strength (Active: 77,52±11,77kgf; Sedentary: 60,83±11,98kgf) and all the spine ROM variables except left lateral flexion (L5-S1 flexion: 71,08±11,52º, 58,81±10,16º; L5-S1 extension: 35,13±8,12º, 23,59±7,10º; T12-L1 flexion: 104,04±12,57º, 94,81±12,24º; T12-L1 extension: 53,20±9,01º, 42,61±10,22º; Right Lateral Flexion: 22,12±3,80cm, 19,75±3,56cm). Moreover, there were low and moderate significant relationship between spine ROM parameters with anthropometric and physical fitness parameters. These are: L5-S1 extension ROM with triceps SF (r=-0.266), suprailiac SF (r=-0.264), total fat (r=-0.284), FM(%) (r=-0.270), wrist circumference (r=-0.325), with frame size (r=0.318). L5-S1 flexion ROM with triceps SF (r=-0.250). T12-L1 extension ROM and wrist circumference (r=-0.208). According to these results, L5-S1 flexion and extension ROM were correlated positively with back muscle strength, the relative strength, and sit and reach score. T12-L1flexion and extension ROM only correlated with sit and reach score.
Conclusions. It was demonstrated that there was a positive effect of physically active life-style on the back health. The results from this study will be helpful to know for individuals who have a physically active life-style will be able to improve their physical fitness parameters and spinal flexibility.

Key words:

anthropometry, spine flexibility, back muscle strength, back muscle endurance

Full article:

A comparison of spine ROM and physical fitness parameters in active females and sedentary females

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