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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.4 - 2005

The XV-th National Conference of Sports Medicine

Dragan Ioan
Onorific President of the Romanian Sports Medicine Society
Member of the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences
In the „Football House” inside the National Complex „LIA MANOLIU” took place the XV-th National Conference of Sports Medicine, October 27-29.2005, whose theme was : „Contribution of Sports Medicine in top performances”. Two invited speakers attended our conference : prof. FABIO PIGOZZI (Italy), general secretary of the European Federation of Sports Medicine and dr.GABRIEL DOLL (France) IAAF anti-doping officier. The first quest spoke about ergogenic aids and nutritional supplements e while the second spoke about anti-doping politics inside the IAAF. A round table : „Rehabilitation of sports injuries” was moderated by : prof. ADRIANA NICA, prof. D.STANCULESCU (UMF „Carol Davila” Bucharest) and dr. Marian Anghelescu (I.N.M.S.). The symposium „The efficiency of WOBENZYME and PHLOGENZYME in sports injuries” was supported by prof. V.NESTIANU (UMF Craiova), prof. JAROSLAV VETVICKA (CZECH REPUBLIC) and dr. MARIANA DOROFTEI (ROMANIA).

There were registered 28 papers (free communications) : traumatology rehabilitation 14; sports physiology and fonctional assessment 10 and others 4. I’d like to mention the following papers : „Battery of parameters for the assessment of sports performance and muscle fatique by the surface computerized EMG” and „Assessment of muscle fatique in top athletes by EMGS and MMG” , by prof. V.Nestianu, Mirela Vasilescu, Ph.M.D. and others (Craiova); „The simpatoadrenal system, oxidative stress and physical exercise”, by P. Derevenco and Simona Tache (Cluj); „Ligamentoplasty bone-tendon-bone, optimal solution for anterior knee instability” by M.Anghelescu, M.D. (I.N.M.S.); „Functional and biochemical changes induced by the supplementation with glutamine” by Anca Ionescu, Ph.M.D. and other (I.N.M.S.); „Changes of vertebral column in top athletes. Rx. and imagistic aspects” by Zamfir Anne-Marie, M.D. (I.N.M.S.).

On the second day of the Conference there was organized the election of the new committee of the Society. As president for 2005-2009 was elected Anca Ionescu, Ph.M.D.; as vice-presidents : Razvan Busneag, Ph.M.D (director of the INMS) and Mirela Vasilescu, Ph.M.D (Craiova); as secretary Ileana Barbu, M.D; as treasurer, Mariana Georgescu, M.D. (INMS) and 10 members. Meanwhile the previous president, Baroga Marta Ph.M.D. was elected honour president of the Society.

In conclusion we can appreciate as a success our Conference both on the organization point of view and of the scientific one.

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