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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.4 - 2005

Etiopathogenic characteristics of the post – surgical infections in the hip orthopedical surgery

Predescu Radu
Emergency University Hospital Bucharest


The infection placed at the site of a hip total prosthesis, both early and tardy, represents a drama for the affected patient, of a greater seriousness comparing with that of the background illness for which the arthroplasty was recommended, and for the attending doctor represents the notification of a professional failure, to fight with for a very long time. The costs of the treatment for an infected total hip arthroplasty until the complete healing of the patient, with the restitution of an adequate biomechanical function of the respective hip are 5-8 times bigger than the costs for a primary arthroplasty. Neither then, the above mentioned desiderate can not be reached in 30-35% of the patients with such pathology. Rather by gravity than frequency, this is one of the most important problems in the orthopedical surgery.

Key words:

hip, prosthesis, infections, decementation

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