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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.38 - 2014
ARTICLE – abstract

Study regarding the benefits of using physical exercise
in the treatment of non-insulin dependent diabetes

Mihaela Apostu
National University of Physical Education and Sports, Bucharest, Romania


The World Health Organization estimated in 1994 the existence of a total of 12 million diabetics. It signaled an alarming increase in prevalence worldwide, especially for non-insulin dependent diabetes, with a record of 194 million cases in 2003 and estimates a total of 350 million in 2030. This study aims to highlight the benefits of using therapeutic exercise in maintaining or improving the clinical status of patients diagnosed with non-insulin dependent diabetes.
Material and Method. The study was conducted on a number of 157 patients aged between 40 and 50 years and diagnosed with non-insulin dependent diabetes, balanced by restricted diet and oral hypoglycemic agents. The exercise programs were conducted according to the principles of progressivity and individualization initially showed a moderate intensity which was gradually increased and exhausting or high intensity exercises were avoided. The evaluation of metabolic balance (glycemia, cholesterolemia and triglyceridemia) was done in dynamic and included three tests: initial (T0), intermediate (after 3 months) (T1) and final (at 6 months) (T2).
Results. The adaptive modifications occur slowly and respond to the adjustments of the physical exercise. Disturbances of the glucose metabolism associated with the lipid one significantly improve between tests demonstrating not only the installation of adaptive process imposed by a graduated and directed exercise program, but also the correct choice of kinetic means with long-term benefits on patients' lives.
Conclusions. The association of kinetic means to the classical treatment of diabetes determines an optimal biochemical rebalancing that allows the functional and the psychosomatic adaptation of the body to the effort, which represent a prevention activity in appearance of vascular and neurological complications.
Key words:

non-insulin dependent diabetes, physical exercise, biochemical tests

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