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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.37 - 2014
ARTICLE – abstract

Effects of short rest periods on neuromuscular responses to resistance exercise in trained men

Mohammadi Sajad1, Damirchi Arsalan1, Ahmadi Rahmat2
1Department of Physical Education & Sport Sciences, Rasht, Iran
2Department of Physical Education & Sport Sciences, Guilan University, Rasht, Iran


The present study examined the effect of three different rest intervals in resistance training (RE) on neuromuscular responses. Method. Twelve healthy trained males of students of Guilan University (mean age 21.67±2.309 years, weight 65.067±7.14 kg and height 171.17±7.030 cm) voluntarily participated in the study. Subjects at three separate sessions of an RE protocol were assigned in a random order a rest interval of 60s (P60), 90s (P90) or 120s (P120) between sets. The RE session consisted of 4 sets of knee extension to failure using 80% of 1 maximum repetition. Integrated electromyography (IEMG) right femoral muscle was recorded before and immediately after exercise protocols, also was calculated training volume in all rest intervals. Statistical evaluation of the data was accomplished by a repeated measures analysis of variance.
Result. The results showed no significant difference in values of IEMG between the rest intervals p≤0/45, but after the training values of IEMG were significantly decrease in all rest intervals p≤0/001. Training volume performed in P90 and P120 significantly greater than P60 p≤0/001 but there was no significant difference between P90 and P120 p≤0/99.
Conclusion. It is concluded that all three rest intervals caused fatigue and decreased IEMG values but decreased IEMG values in rest interval of 60s more than 90s and 120s, respectively.
Key words:

resistance training, rest interval, electromyography, fatigue

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