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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.36 - 2013
ARTICLE – abstract

Prevalence of low back pain and fatigue levels in Indian athletes

Singh Amrinder, Sandhu Gursumeet, Sandhu Jaspal Singh
Faculty of Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab, India


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of low back pain and fatigue levels in Indian athletes.
Material and Method. 300 athletes participated in this study of which 123 (41%) were national level athletes and the remaining 177 (59%) were university level athletes, playing for the last 6 years. Equal number of athletes (n =75) were include in this study from each game i.e. handball, basketball, weightlifters, hockey. The JOABEQ, OSW, CIS-20 questionnaires were used in this study to measure the fatigue level and evaluates the prevalence of LBP. 
Results. The prevalence of low back pain is more in weightlifters and hockey players as compared to handball and basketball. The fatigue levels were significantly increased in all the four groups. There was a significant positive correlation between JOABPEQ, OSW and CIS-20 (p≤0.05).
Conclusion. This study concludes that high prevalence of low back pain in weightlifters and hockey players is due to their hard training and high bending movement at trunk and weak back muscles group which increases the chances of LBP and injury as compared to handball and basketball players.
Key words:

low back pain, fatigue, questionnaires

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