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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.3 - 2005

The importance of selection in the womanly performance artistic gymnastics

Ionescu Elena Ortansa, Gurau Anca Ileana
Romanian Institute of Sport Medicine, Bucharest


This is a topical interest problem which kept awake the sports journals attention and not only. We present the point of view of the physical development laboratory in the National Institute of Sports Medicine in Bucharest. In the artistic gymnastics, the exercises are made against gravitation and that is why the stature, the body weight, the body composition and the proportions between the body segments represent elements which can decisively influence the sports efficiency. The selection from a small age is followed by the puberty period in which the girl’s aspect is changing, sometimes essentially, and that could make sportswoman to go away from the high performance. We underline the importance of the family inquiry looking at the parents’ height at least, because the medium-small stature is an essential condition in gymnastics. Because gymnastics is a sport which unfold especially at the growth period, the quantity and the quality of the physical effort can cause damages in the body building by appearance of some injuries or by increasing of some small deficiency which there were before playing gymnastics. There’s necessary primary selection, that is selection at the beginning of the sports activity and survey on the way, 2-3 times a year.

Key words:

selection, growth, deficiency, puberty, biological material.

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