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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.27 - 2011
ARTICLE – abstract

Role of muscular performance evaluation for injury prevention in rugby players

Alexandra M. Rusu1, Claudiu Avram2, Lucian D. Hoble2
1Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara, Romania
2Department of Physical Education and Sport, West University of Timisoara, Romania


Objective. The study is aiming to demonstrate the role of proper testing and adaptation of training in order to increase physical performance and decrease the risk of injury.
Material and Methods. 22 rugby players underwent measurements of explosive force using Myotest system and one leg explosive force using Optojump system, before the start of a training camp and after two months of training. Training comprised: strength training (once on 48 hours, 3-6 sets of 4-6 repetitions at 80-95% 1RM), aerobic training, and field training. The training program considered the power differences between legs and emphasized the strengthening of the weaker leg.
Results. At the end of the study we observed a significant increase in explosive power of the lower limbs (from 39.41 ±6.998 W/kg to 46.36±8.399 W/kg, p=0.009), and also of explosive force at the same level (from 21.59 N/kg ±1.82 to 25.75 ±3.25 N/kg (p=< 0.001).
Regarding the differences in explosive power between legs, we noticed a mean difference of 0.48 W/kg between right and left leg. After only 2 months of training the mean differences was reduced to 0.28 W/kg.
Conclusions. Emphasizing the strength training of the weaker leg, we can adjust the muscles imbalance and decrease the risk of sport injury. Two months of proper exercise training, can significantly increase explosive power and force of the lower limbs. Based on testing results, physical trainers should adjust muscular imbalance of athletes and also conceive proper rehabilitation in case of important asymmetry after a sport injury.
Key words:

rugby, sport injury, muscular imbalance

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