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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.27 - 2011
ARTICLE – abstract

Application of kinetotherapy for improvement  of the osteo-articular pathology
in patients with secreting GH pituitary tumors

Elena R. Ionescu1, Mihaela N. Popescu1, Elena Taina Avramescu2, Anca Ganescu1
1 University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Craiova,Romania
2 University of Craiova, Romania


Aim. The purpose of the study is to appreciate the incidence, clinical and  paraclinical characteristics of the pituitary tumors secreting growth hormone (GH) in Dolj county and to evaluate the impact of a kinetotherapy programme on the osteo-articular pathology associated to acromegaly.
Methods. The hereby study was performed in the Craiova Emergency County Hospital, having a retrospectiv component and a prospectiv one, by direct supervision, for  a two – year period (2008-2010). We choose a group of 19 patients, divided in 3 subgroups. All patients folowed specific medication for the basic disease. Suplimentary to this treatment, study group I followed a medication based on calcium and D vitamin, associated with kinetotherapy; for group II  therapy included calcium and D vitamin, specific antiresorbitiv medication and kinetotherapy; group III (witness) received complete medication  like group II,  but without physical therapy. We evaluated bone density by osteodensitometry – DEXA, bone makers – serum osteocalcin. The evaluation of the lumbar spine pain was realised after an analogous visual scale (SVA). Evaluations were carried on before begining the treatment and after 6 months of treatment and physical controlled activity.
Results. This study showed the clear favorable evolution of the scores of pain at the patients from the groups I and II, more emphasized  than for group III. Analysis of bone density showed the best results for group II (improvment of scores), no decreases of scores for group I and slight decrease for group III. As regarding the bone markers at the end of the 6 months of kinetotherapy it was noticed that the values went down in all cases, at the group I being registrated the decrease of the marker statistically semnificative (p < 0,05) while at the patients from group II the decrease was not statistically semnificative.
Conclusions. Physical exercise ameliorates the pain and can modify the bone turnover in the sense of balancing the resorbtion – formation processes.
Key words:

pituitary tumors, bone density, serum osteocalcin, kinetotherapy

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