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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.27 - 2011
ARTICLE – abstract

A Comprehensive Study of 3 D Kinematic Analysis of Indian Volleyball Players

Sukhdev Singh, Baljinder Singh Bal, Simratpal Singh, Davinder Singh
Department of Physical Education (T) G.N.D. University, Amritsar, Punjab, India


The purpose of the study was to determine the relationship between 3D kinematic analysis with the performance of volleyball serve, passing and jump set. A group of twenty (N=20) university girls from north-east zone inter-university were selected purposively as a subjects for the present study. All subjects, after having been informed about the purpose and filming procedure of the study gave their written consents and the study was approved by the local Committee of Ethics. The criterion measure for the study was the performance of the subjects as assessed by three judges by using 5 point scale. The digital photography was used, as a technique for 3D kinematic analysis of volleyball serve, passing and jump set. A standard motor driven camera (Nikon D-100) was used to obtain photo sequences of selected movements.
The kinematic variables were calculated using Joint Point Method. The centre of gravity of each subject, at selected moment was located by using segmentation method. The selected kinematic variables such as angles at ankle joint, knee joint, hip joint, shoulder joint elbow joint and wrist joint were obtain by measuring with the help of protector from the stick figures. The Pearson’s product moment correlation coefficient (r) method was used. The level of p≤0.05 was considered significant. The investigational findings indicate that the height of centre of gravity of the subjects at moment execution, exhibited a significant relationship with volleyball serve, passing and jump set whereas However, angular kinematic variables i.e. ankle joint (left), ankle joint (right), knee joint (left), knee joint (right), hip joint (left), hip joint (right), shoulder joint (left), shoulder joint (right), elbow joint (left), elbow joint (right), wrist joint (left), wrist joint (right) and linear kinematic variable i.e. height of centre of gravity of the ball from the ground did not show significant relationships.
Key words:

kinematic, center of gravity, serve, passing, jump set

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