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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.26 - 2011

Effect of Prone Traction Technique on Pain and Disability in Patients with Low Back Pain

Ojoawo A O1, Onigbinde AT1, Odejide S O2, Badru  A2
1Department of Medical Rehabilitation, Obafemi Awolowo University,  Ile Ife, Nigeria
2Department of Physiotherapy OAU Teaching Hospitals Complex, Ile Ife, Nigeria


Aims. Low back pain (LBP) has become a global burden. Its prevalence among Africans is rising and is of concern.  There is need to research in to methods of treating LBP and how to reduce disability  from it. Method. A total number of 102 patients (31males and 71 females) with low back pain  were purposely selected to  participate in the study after obtaining their consent.  The pain intensity of all the patients  was assessed  individually using Present Pain Intensity (PPI) on the first day  pre test of their appointment in addition to other examinations. Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire (RMDQ) was administered to all patients individually on the first day of report to the clinic and the score was noted. Prone traction technique was then administered to each patient twice in a week for 4 weeks making 8 treatment sessions. Pain intensity and disability were assessed again after 4 week using PPI and RMDQ (post test). The difference between the first score of RMDQ and the last score was calculated and the percentage of improvement was determined. Dependent- t test was used to compare the pre and post test values and an alpha level of 0.05 was set as level of significant. Results. Result revealed that there was a significant reduction in the mean value  score of RMDQ  when the pre and post test values were compared ( t= 15.74 p < .001). There was a significant reduction in the mean value of PPI at end of  the 4th week  ( t = 29.86, p <0.001).   Also, there was a significant difference between mean value of percentage of improvement  when comparing  RMDQ of male and female (t = 5.89, P < 0.001).
Conclusion. The study concluded that prone traction technique can be useful in ameliorating pain and disability of patients with low back pain.
Key words:

prone traction technique, low back pain, disability questionnaire

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