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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.26 - 2011

Comparative Study of Therapeutic Application of Heat Followed by Static Stretch and Mulligan Bent Leg Raise Technique on Hamstring Flexibility

Nagarajan Mohan, Rahees Mohammed M
Yenepoya Physiotherapy College, Yenepoya University, Manglore, India


Objectives: The purpose of the study was to determine the effects of Mulligan bent leg raise technique on hamstring flexibility and also to compare effects of mulligan technique with superficial heating followed by static stretch.
Study Design: Experimental pretest-post test design.
Methods and Measures: 30 male subjects (ages 18-30 years) with limited hamstring flexibility (defined as 20° loss of knee extension measured with the thigh held at 90 degree of hip flexion) were recruited for this study were assigned to 2 groups. Group 1 received superficial heat followed static stretching and group 2 received Mulligan Bent leg raise technique for one week period which includes six treatment sessions. Hamstring length was measured pre intervention and post intervention (immediately and then on the 2nd day and 6th day using self monitored active knee extension (AKE) test.
Results: The Mulligan bent leg raise group and superficial heat following static stretch group showed a significant increase in hamstring length between pre intervention and all post intervention measurements, ie on the first day, second day and sixth day. Following a between group analysis done by independent t test revealed a significant difference between both groups which was more in Mulligan bent leg stretch group. The difference in range between both groups on the first day was 7°,t value=8.867, on the second day 5.6°,t value=3.947, and on sixth day was 6.53 t value =4.305,all values showed a highly significant difference (p<.05). Conclusion: It is concluded  that both groups improved the hamstring flexibility, and Mulligan Bent leg raise technique is more effective than superficial heating followed by static stretching .
Key words:

hamstring muscle, hamstring injuries, flexibility, static stretching, Mulligan mobilization techniques

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