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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.24 - 2010
ARTICLE – abstract

New therapeutic approach for improving glucose metabolism in elderly

Tudor Mariana Ionela, Georgescu Luminita, Ciucurel Constantin, Traila Horia, Iconaru Elena Ioana
University of Pitesti, Department of Kinesitherapy, Romania


Aim and scope: The aim of this study is to try and evaluate the efficiency of therapeutic exercises in improving the glucose metabolism in elderly people.
Materials and method: The research is a longitudinal study carried out over a 6 month period on a target group of 32 adults aging from 50 to 70 years, labeled as having impaired fasting glucose or mostly impaired glucose tolerance, both pre-diabetic states, or new, recently diagnosed cases of diabetes type2.
Results: The metabolic stabilizing effect of physical exercises in sugar metabolism disturbances was proven by the lowered glycemia levels in the experimental group recorded on the final tests, compared with the witness results of the present study are inline with many others published in the specialty literature proving a higher prevalence group (p=0.001, t=29.99, df=3.66). Statistically significant lower values in the experimental group were also obtained at the glucose tolerance test – GTT. For the patients already diagnosed with diabetes, the physical activity – 45 min. per session, three times per week monitored therapeutic exercises – were effective in improving the glucose metabolism, as proven by the lowered values or the total lack of urinary glucose, while the medical treatment was unaltered for all the study period.
Conclusions: The experimental of type 2 diabetes and the metabolic disturbances leading to it in the elderly Romanian population and the fact that they can opt for therapeutic exercises in addition to their diet and medical treatment, in order to rebalance their glucose metabolism.
Key words:

therapeutic approach, glucose metabolism, elderly

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