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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.23 - 2010
ARTICLE – abstract

A randomized control trial to study the effect of T.E.N.S and postural training in the management of temporomandibular joint disorders

Priyanka Sadana, Poonam Singh
Institute of Applied Medicines and Research, Duhai Ghaziabad, Merrut University UP, India


Aims. A randomized control trial to study the effect of trancutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (T.E.N.S.) and postural training in the management of temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD).  The purpose of the study was to provide the evidence that, postural exercises alone and along with electrotherapeutic modality helps in reducing pain and improve function and oral opening. This will help in studying the independent effects of postural training.
Methods. The effect of TENS with postural training was studied in three groups; group A: high TENS (90 Hz) with postural training, group B: low TENS (2 Hz) with postural training, group C: placebo TENS with postural training. Therapeutic postural stretching exercise interventions were prescribed to address specific TMJ disorders and to improve the function of the TMJ and craniomandibular system.
Results. There were significant improvement in pain free mouth opening (PMO), Visual Analogue Scale (VAS), muscle tenderness on palpation (MTOP), graded pain intensity (GPI) in group A and B but not in group C.
Conclusion. TENS lead to a significant increase in pain free mouth opening and lead to sharp decrease in Visual Analogue Scale, muscle tenderness on palpation and graded pain intensity (GPI) when used along with postural training. The present study suggests that pain due to temporomandibular joint disorders can be effectively reduced by TENS, either 90 Hz or 2 Hz and postural training.  The result confirms that TMD is more responsive to the regime of postural training and TENS.  Treatment of temporomandibular disorder with physiotherapy represents a potential financial saving.
Key words:

temporomandibular joint,  myofacial pain syndrome, postural training

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