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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.23 - 2010
ARTICLE – abstract

The use of absorbable screws in the anterior cruciate ligament arthroscopic reconstruction in athletes.
A comparative and prospective clinical study

Patru Cristina1, Filipescu Doru2, Buzescu Alexandru3, Ionescu Anca Mirela4, Popescu Gheorghe1, Lupescu Olivera1,
Nagea Mihai1, Gherghel Liliana3
1Floreasca Emergency Clinical Hospital, Orthopedic Department, Bucharest
2Sf. Ioan Emergency Clinical Hospital, Orthopedic Department, Bucharest 
3National University for Physical Education and Sport, Bucharest,
4Carol Davila University of Medicine, Sports Medicine Department, Bucharest,  Romania


We conducted this clinical study in order to compare the quality of graft fixation with a bioabsorbable screw, as compared to a metal screw, in the anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. A number of 124 patients were submitted to the surgical intervention and 113 out of them were kept under medical survey up to 1 year after the surgery. This included: anamnesis, physical examination, IKDC evaluation and the knee arthrometric measurements. 1 year later, there was no significant difference between the two groups, from the IKDC evaluation point of view. The final IKDC evaluation was normal or almost normal in 92% out of the patients in the group with absorbable screws and in 90% out of the patients making part of the control group. The incidence of postsurgery complications was similar in both of the groups. The study shows that the absorbable screw is an efficient alternative to the fixation with a metal screw in the anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.
Key words:

ACL, bioabsorbable screw, metal screw, arthroscopic reconstruction, sports traumatology

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